A collection of thoughts by Tonya Woodridge-Jarvis. 

Christian Footsteps

John 12:46 “I have come as a light into the world, that whoever believes in Me should not abide in darkness.

Growing up as a child, my grandmother would always say to me “Baby, don’t roll stone, for stone” and as a child you just tend to listen, do what you’re told and not ask any questions. It was later in my adult years that I really understood what she was saying to me. I’ve been placed in situations where I clearly wanted to lose my hat but I heard a familiar voice saying “Baby, don’t roll stone for stone”.

Have you ever been in situations where you were being persecuted? It may have been a meeting at work, a disagreement with friends, or an argument with a spouse and you are trying to keep God first but the other party seems to be full of the devil. As Christians your character will always be judged by your displayed behavior. This means that whether someone cut you off in traffic, you should still say “God bless you” without any sign language. If the school calls because your kids are acting a fool, pray over them first and if you and your spouse are in a disagreement get the holy oil and anoint their foreheads.

The saying means, no matter what it looks like, or feels like; you must take the high road and allow God to work a miracle over the situation with people, places and things. It is our Christian mission to lead the way for someone else. You never know who you are leading with your actions. So as you’re reading this today, be mindful of your Christian footsteps because people are watching and following. We are all shining lights just make sure that your light is illuminating the love of Jesus Christ.  

Create Your Own Journey

Lord, I’m on my knees calling out to you. Can you hear me? Where are you? I need you? I can’t do this alone. I’ve tried it my way, it didn’t work. I have no guidance. I can’t figure this out. I want to trust you. I want to have faith. I want to renew my strength and identity in the likes of you but…This is where a lot of people become stagnant. They wholeheartedly want to trust God but fear stands in the way of faith.

There are several types of generational curses. Generational Curses are behaviors that have been passed down from generation to generation and are very prevalent in the homes today. We all believe in a higher power but others my call it something different according to how the generational was raised.

One type of generational curse is the behavior of non-compromising in relationships. You’ve noticed behaviors that seem not to be removed no matter what you’ve tried. There are things in your life that are not your fault. For example: My mother’s mother and father were divorced when she was young. So naturally my mother and father divorced when I was young and guess what my first marriage ended in divorce. So when you are going to your mother and father for advice about your marriage, what are you being told?

   Or maybe it’s teen pregnancy often times there are teen parents because their parents were teen parents.  Maybe it’s communication issues. Some men weren’t taught to talk about their feelings. They were taught to be strong and to be good providers, but not good husbands and that’s because their fathers were taught to be good providers and to be strong and that was the element of a good husband. But ask any wife, is that enough to classify someone as a good husband. It could be a generational curse by striving to be something that you just don’t want to be. Carrying on the family legacy which is practicing law, your grandfather was a lawyer, your dad and brothers are lawyers as well but you’d rather be a fireman. That’s their destiny not yours.  Learn to go against the grain in a positive way to construct your life the way it was meant to be which is to follow the footsteps designed by God not your family’s legacy.

See sometimes the foundation you have isn’t your fault. Some of those generational curses date back so far that you’re still fighting your ancestor’s demonic spirits. But all of that can change. When you are in your prayer closet, you must declare that all generational curses are broken. You don’t have to be what your parents were. You can be who you were created and designed to be.

I know you’re wondering if you alone are strong enough to break the cycle. Yes with God’s watchful eye. Do you believe in God? Do you have enough courageous faith to see the process through to the end? Listen, everything in life worth having is worth praying for. So get on your knees cry out to God, tell Him what He has already promised you, because you’re not what your mother and father were, you are greater than that. Sure things will get rough but don’t throw the towel in. Believe in yourself and as I believe in you. Create your own journey. Jesus saves and He lives.


Can You Hear God's Voice?

Have you been in a place where you felt like life was just passing you by and you felt that you have nothing to live for? Your dreams and aspirations are almost non-existent. You’ve prayed, cried and tried, yet still nothing. God wants you to lean onto him on a consistent basis. Do you know what his voice sounds like in your spirit?   

Hear God's voice

He is a blessing type of God. Are you convinced that he hung, bled and died for us?   When he speaks, can you hear his voice? When God speaks, you can hear his voice calmly in your ear or find his voice in a crowd touching or tugging your spirit, telling you what you should do or nudging you in the right direction in which you go. He is the only true living God.  Have you ever wondered why, you don’t look like what you’ve been through, well it isn’t because of your stylist, barber, new facial crème or make-up artist, it is because of God keeping you.

 Get back to listening for the voice of God. He will take care of you if you are willing to have faith in him. Sometimes you just have to trust the process for your progress. You prayer life is important not only to you but to everyone who is connected to you. Your anointing trickles down to your family and friends. Your little ones are paying attention to you. 

 Pray this prayer:

Lord, help me to be harkened to your voice and will for my life. Teach me, so that I am empowered to teach them. Allow me to set a good example for those who are connected to me. Amen

Get On Board!

I was once told that writing is not your bread and butter, it’s your hobby. I was also told that singing wasn’t my strong suit. As I was compiling this project, I began to second guess myself. I was asking myself, I know that I sing in the choir but am I good enough to record a single? I’ve written for magazines locally but am I good enough to write globally? But I prayed about that and God said, No you are not good enough to do it by yourself but if you extend your hand into mine, we can get it done and reach the masses.  While the process getting to this point hasn’t been easy, I thank him now and in advance for where he is taking me next.  I’ve had people refuse to help me because they thought I wasn’t good enough. Surely, I’m no Tasha Cobbs but I am “The Refresher”.  And ultimately all I want to be is the person that God wrote in his will for me to be.  And I don’t need permission to be or become that.

Am I helping someone today?  Have you received negative flack about pursuing your dreams? I am here to testify about the God that I serve who makes dreams come true according to his will for your life. I promise the plans that He has for you is to prosper if you are lining up with his word.

People with the negativity are discouraging factors sent by the enemy to get you off task, recognize it and move on. People in your circle should be on board with your vison, if not they need to be removed. Praise God in advance for what he is getting ready to do!